Thursday, 6 December 2012

random picture I took of the mask that I bought for the Masquerade party I went to last friday, unfortunately I didn't manage to open the know anymore and had to cut the band in order to be able to take it off.. hopefully I'll find a way to fix that, though!

Gaaaaaaaaaahh I'm so so sorry for the terrible update this week, but school work is literally coming out of my ears (okay not literally but you know what I mean). I have a math test and biology prebac next week, a small geography test tomorrow and history and geography prebac the week after.. and then I'm off school for two weeks. Finally. I even went home earlier today in order to at least start studying math, even though I will definitely spend my entire weekend studying :(
I'm gonna try out a new pasta recipe I discovered yesterday when my family comes home and then I'll revise a bit for tomorrow and relax! Have a nice evening xo

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