Saturday, 15 December 2012

jeggings: dr denim, shoes: converse, sweater: pull & bear, jacket: zara, watch: swatch

Excuse the quality of the pictures, but it was getting dark already and I only noticed how much my brother must've moved while taking them when I uploaded them on the computer.
My night out yesterday was great fun and today I studied a bit and soon I'm going to Trier (Germany) with my mum, I might have a stroll through some shops.. The pictures above are showing what I'm wearing, I thought I might as well just throw in an outfit post for once, since it feels like I barely do them anymore..


  1. no title?
    And i noticed that also in my blog, i dont do as many outfit posts as before 0.0
    lets blame it to the cold winter time xd

  2. HEY! when did you buy your pull&bear jacket?

  3. @A: the jacket's from zara, not pull & bear!

  4. oh...true:P
    when did you buy it?


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