Thursday, 27 December 2012

(everything's from H&M!)

I decided to go try out my tripod for real (outside hah) today and thought "why not as well show my two new pieces?". That's right. I bought something, again. But, I've had my eyes on those leather-looking pants for a while now and when I realised that hey, other pants than Dr Denim jeggings actually FIT me, I couldn't resist but buy them. And the blouse... it was on sale for 10€.. I mean.
Oh and I know that shots aren't the best, considering that I really did take them with a tripod, but as my defense: it started raining while snapping these pictures and I also don't have a camera remote yet, so I had to work with the oh-so-annoying self timer again. x

PS: Ignore my make-up-less, paler-than-ever face, I tried to keep it out of the picture as much as possible, ha


  1. such a cute outfit, Nora. LOVE the pants! I used to be kind of ''squeamish''about leather pants or leather-look pants but over the past year I have acquired a new love for them. anyway, super cute outfit. if you wore it with red lips - it'd be like damn good. XOXO

  2. Greeat photos honey! I love your blog, great job! :)
    If you'd like to follow each other just let me know!


  3. I love this outfit - leather and fur is the best combination.



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