Wednesday, 26 December 2012

I've been wanting both dark blue and highwaisted jeggings from Dr Denim for a while now, so I was so happy when I found these and my dad (uhm, I mean santa) agreed to give them for me on Christmas
 I finaaaaaaaaaally can start taking proper outfit picture without any human assistence (haha), I will buy myself a remote for my camera ASAP as well, so no more excuses (apart from the lightning..)
 Left: my family (mostly my mum and I haha) is planning to have a two week trip through England in summer, including London and Cambridge (can't wait to go back there!!) Right: I am definitely getting fat now, I found myself drooling over all the cakes in there for at least 20 minutes yesterday..

 Since I already have black/white converse, I decided not to get vans in the same colour, but plain white ones, love them! Now I've just got to wait for less rain and dirt outside..
 I went to pick this fake fur jacket myself and chose it a bit oversized (it's a size M), so that I can also wear it with a few layers underneath in case the weather's turning really icy again.
 I'm so so in love with this watch, it's kind of rose gold-ish and ah, beautiful. It is (of course) a bit too big for me, so I'll have to drop by a jewelry shop the following days, but I already expected that - my wrists are ridiculously slim
Nothing special to say here - plain, simple, golden jewelry (the squares are earrings). Oh yeah, and just to give you an idea: see the slimmer bracelet? Well that one actually fits my wrist, just so you can imagine how small my wrists are!

I love absolutely everything I got and I feel so blessed! I also got some money, which I'll try and keep a bit for the moment, if I can manage..
I hope all of you had a great Christmas, with lots of good food, great presents and laughter!

PS: Pleasde excuse the different lightning in some of the pictures, but the sun couldn't decide whether it should stay behind the clouds or come out and I couldn't be bothered waiting for either options, so..

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  1. Ooo, such a nice haul! I love the fake fur jacket and watch, so nice! I LOVE having a tripod for my camera, it's so useful!



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