Saturday, 22 December 2012

a friend of mine made four of these and brought them to school so everyone could have a piece.. it was soo good!

Good news for me and you, I'm finally off school for two weeks! I'm in such a need of that break, it's incredible. Me being off school also means: I can get back to regular blogging!
Yesterday, I went to a birthday party, today I'm staying at home and doing absolutely nothing, just the way it's supposed to be during holidays. Tomorrow, I'll go driving a bit an help my brother find a new phone and on Monday, my parents brother and I will have a relaxed dinner at home, since we mostly celebrate Christmas on the 25th, with lots of good food and presents (yaay!!)
The Christmas spirit isn't very obvious (in my opinion at least), it's not too cold, but rainy and grey.. so much for a white Christmas..
I'll post again ASAP! x

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