1st of December

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hey you guys! I spent my Saturday mostly sleeping (I came home around half past 3 this morning) and then I went to the International Bazar with my mum in the afternoon. At that bazar you can basically buy all kinds of things (including clothes - mostly second hand) from dozens of countries and - what I mainly did - you can stuff yourself with ridiculous amounts of great food! Apart from all the food I ate (I ate/drank stuff from Scandinavia, Spain, Azerbaijan, England and Argentina :D), I also got a little something, but I'll show you that tomorrow, when I can take a decent picture of it, in good light.
I'll be spending my night in, drinking coke, snuggling up in bed and watching Grey's Anatomy and hope that my sore throat isn't something serious. I'll be back tomorrow, have a nice Saturday night everyone! xo

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