Thursday, 13 December 2012

 Jo cutting the cake, nom!
 Philippa & Sarah
 Looks more like a torture than fun, judging after Waldo's face expression:D
 Andreas and me :)
 Caren and me

 like a pro!
 Jo and Anna
 The twins! How gorgeous are they?!

Since it was the twins' 18th birthday today (Kate and Jo) and I took a picture of my economics class (for the yearbook), I took my camera with me to school, which is always THE occasion where everyone takes a ridiculous amount of pictures with it :D Here are some that I decided to share with you.
Also - it's almost the weekend! Even though I'll have to spend it studying, I can at least breathe for a bit, going to the twins' birthday party tomorrow and then step by step getting myself through history and geography.. so close to the christmas holidays!! I seriously am in terrible need of free time, sleep and boyfriend-time, my schedule is way too full and exhausting at the moment.

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  1. that black and white photo is gorgeous (:


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