Monday, 19 November 2012

 (from left to right) Maliina, Julius (typical), Kasia, Sarah, Caren & me
 Bruno & me
 Our own bar, I helpe out for a bit and it was soo stressful haha!
 Nora & Bruno
 (from left to right) my boyfriend (hahaha), Julius & Kristian
 Bruno & me rocking that dance floor!
 Maria, Julius & Nora
 (from left to right) Maria, Nora, Alisa & Kasia
 Anna & Maria - beauties!
 Sarah & Laura
 Daniel, haha!
 Dom's hands (and that's how my hands, legs, feet and elbows looked on saturday night after having helped out at the bar - damn Eristoff black!)
(from left to right) Zora, Julius & Lisa

So on saturday, we had one of the partys organised by the Pupils' Committee and the theme was "Suit Up". Most of the girls wore fancy dresses, but almost all the guys were in shirts and ties or bowties:D I had a really great time and I can't wait for the next party! All the pictures are from Facebook.


  1. Cool party. Soooooo many pretty girls :D R xx

  2. The party was awesome! i also want next one !! :o


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