Thursday, 1 November 2012

I completely forgot how cool white nailpolish is!
Wearing my matt nailpolish for the first time, you can't really see it though
My brother and I finally found the basic Sims2 CD, can't wait to install it and the other editions we have and spend a ridiculous amount of time playing :D
I made cinnamon buns for the very first time yesterday - they look a bit messy but they're delishh!
I discovered this littel cute book after years and now I use it for all kind of to-do-lists, recipes, ...
I just bought my Marina and the Diamonds & Florence + the Machine tickets, so happy! Can't wait to see them :)


  1. freen mech :)))) -jil

  2. Can have all sorts of fun with the Sims ;) and the buns make me hungry mmmmm yummy! R xx


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