Sunday, 25 November 2012

Since I was convinced that my plum coloured jeggings would only look good with ballet flats and I can't really be bothered to wear such thin shoes with this weather anymore, I originally thought about selling them, but when I saw someone else wearing them (not in a spectacular way, but just seeing them on someone), I decided to give them one last chance! I tried them on with 3 or 4 different pairs of boots and this is the combination I like the most! I'll proably wear them tomorrow, given that my heel will be fixed by then (I need to glue some stuff back on). The only thing I'm still insecure about when it comes to those pants is which colours to wear with them - especially when it comes to tops, sweaters, etc. I'd like to try something else than only black, like.. grey, beige? Do you guys have any suggestions?


  1. Very cute boots. ♥

  2. Yes I think that both grey and beige are good choices that go with plum, your instincts for colour matching are good. The boots also look fine as they are not so chunky that they overwhelm the jeggings. R x x


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