Outfit - Friday

Saturday, 17 November 2012

jeggings: dr denim, boots, jumper: /, jacket: my mum's

I don't know why, but my face expressions on outfit pictures are always so terrible, haha! I barely had any lessons yesterday (2 to be precise), since we convinced our german teacher to go to the Student fair with us and we all left after like half an hour (ha, free afternoon, ha).
Today I'll spend my day studying biology and in the evening I'll go to the Suit Up party which the Pupil's Committee (so including me) organised. I bought two, three things over the past few days, I'll make a post about that later through the day! I won't take my camera to the party itself, but I'll take it to my friend's place (sleeping over at hers), so I might take some pictures there!

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  1. Cool rock chick boots...lol ;) R xx


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