Saturday, 17 November 2012

 I've been wanting a short black coat for a while now and got this one on sale for 30€ instead of 60!
 This picture doesn't do it any justice!!! I've been looking for a skirt that's short in the front and longer in the back the entire summer and i finally found it! At H&M! For 15€! So so so happy

I also bought a black hat (like the grey one I showed you already) at H&M for 5€, since I have no idea where the hell my grey one went after the Birthdaybash...


  1. The coat is cool as it will go equally well with jeggings and skirt. Luv the dual length skirt too, great for nice legs <333 R xx

  2. Hey! I started a new blog :)
    Love the skirt.



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