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Thursday, 15 November 2012

 left: random outfit, right: looking like a blonde!
 left: random outfit, right: lazy saturday outfit
 left: what I wore to Alex, Pedro & Hendrik's birthdaybash, right: I love those cheeses that you can put into the oven for a couple of minutes and then mmmmmhhh
 left: my boyfriend brought me marshmallow fluff from Scotland because I "like fluffy things" hahah, right: making dinner a couple of weeks ago, tofu, noodles & vegetables - yum!
 left: probably my favourite picture right now haha! right: random outfit
 left: I wore my backfree jumper today, right: Santa already made his rounds and left my brother and me sweets in our shoes ;)
left: full body outfit picture of today, right: today's dinner tasted like heaven after my first zumba class (which was sooo exhausting but awesome!)


  1. Such a cool pic of the beaver and cub and I love the backless jumper, it really suits you! R xx

  2. Really Great pics!!

    Chantal by


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