Thursday, 29 November 2012


So as I told you already, I went to the Florence + the Machine concert yesterday and OH MY GOSH, was she amazing!
I didn't think that people (including me) would actually scream and dance and sing around that much, it was incredible! She seemed so sweet and people standing in the front row even gave her small presents! What really surprised me was how many boys/men there were! At the end, a big group of guys (around my age) even took off their shirts and Florence went all "oohh it's so hot in here" haha :D I had the bestest time (and I don't care if that is gramatically wrong) and was so sad when it was over! I can highly recommend anyone to go to her concerts! It is really really worth it.
Since I didn't take my camera with me, I only took pictures with my phone. I also took 2, 3 videos of her singing & talking - is anyone interested?


  1. I was on the concert too, it was so amazing! I would love to see the videos you took.

    By the way I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award:)


  2. Ahh, I am so jealous, I bet that would have been AMAZING! I missed her when she was in Aus earlier this year :(



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