Evening trip to Brussels

Thursday, 8 November 2012

 Nora and me working that duckface!
 Pico being hyper as always haha
 Yes, this hotel is called TUNA

 Brussels is so preeeetty! Such a shame that it was dark already when we arrived :(

 In Delirium

 Nora's (grapefruit taste) and my (honey taste) beers
 Andreas & Nora
 Urs & Maliina

 Goooorgeous ceiling in the theater!!

Cutest theater I've ever been to!

Here are a couple of pictures that I took to our trip to Brussels yesterday. It was lots of fun, the theater piece was really good, but we only got about an hour to have dinner and walk around a bit, so we didn't actually get to see very much of Brussels :( Well, at least I am reminded to go back there soon!


  1. Great photos of Brussels and your duck face made me smile :) R xx

  2. omg i went to brussels with my friends like two weeks ago and we also went to delirium! their cherry beer was so gooddd! x


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