Sunday, 4 November 2012

from left to right: Kate, Anna, Laura & Me
Jo, Robert & Julius
Kate, Jo (they're twins!), Anna & Me
Anna, Jo, Ashling & Kate (and Julie and Tessa doing the finest photobombing hahah)
from left to right: Thomas, Me & Yannic
Hendrik (birthdayboy 1) & Alex (birthdayboy 2)
Alex & Richard (he left our school 9 years ago, but is still in contact with some people from Luxembourg, including me)
(on the right) Alex rapping :D haha no, he was just anouncing something
Pedro (birthdayboy 3) and his girlfriend Sisi
Jo & Ashling

So, as I told you on friday, I went to a big party bash! I never dare to take my camera with me when I go out, because I 1. Don't want to carry it around all night, since it's quite heavy and 2. I'm always paranoid that it'll break or get stolen, etc.. Luckily, Kate let Jo borrow her camera and looots of pictures were taken! I took all of the pictures you can see in this post from Facebook (there were more than 150) :) I had a great time and only went to the twins' place at 3.30 (where I slept over), haven't been out this long in a while!

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  1. Looks like great fun and you took some really good photos. Sooooo many pretty girls...I did not know where to look next ; R xx


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