Thursday, 29 November 2012


So as I told you already, I went to the Florence + the Machine concert yesterday and OH MY GOSH, was she amazing!
I didn't think that people (including me) would actually scream and dance and sing around that much, it was incredible! She seemed so sweet and people standing in the front row even gave her small presents! What really surprised me was how many boys/men there were! At the end, a big group of guys (around my age) even took off their shirts and Florence went all "oohh it's so hot in here" haha :D I had the bestest time (and I don't care if that is gramatically wrong) and was so sad when it was over! I can highly recommend anyone to go to her concerts! It is really really worth it.
Since I didn't take my camera with me, I only took pictures with my phone. I also took 2, 3 videos of her singing & talking - is anyone interested?

Up in Space

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

It wasn't too bright in the morning, so you couldn't properly see the colour of my blouse/shirt on the other pictures - it's actually really pretty!
shirt: ?, skirt: asos, boots: //, coat: h&m

 I bought this shirt off a girl yesterday and I love it! The colour is really nice and it glitters every now and then, depending on the light and ankle you're looking at it from. So many people went all "Wooaah you're sparkly, Nora!!" haha :D (PLUS it's transparent - perfect!)
My day was pretty average, but tomorrow I'm going to a concert.... to Florence + the Machine! Can't wait! I don't think I'll take my camera to the concert, but I will for sure take pictures with my phone. I'm sleeping over at a friends place, so no updates until Thursday evening, xo


Sunday, 25 November 2012

I've been lusting for golden, rather obvious jewelry for quite a while now, so I finally gave in and clicked myself through asos' jewelry section and oh boy, I had to stop myself at the 53rd page, they simply have too many gorgeous things! A chunkier, golden-ish watch is what I've been falling in love more and more over the last couple of weeks, but I can't see myself spending hundreds of euros, so I found the two beauties from the picture for a price of around 40/50€. Statement earrings are something I've been looking for.. how long, a year? I finally found gorgeous ones, in gold as addition! And golden bracelets and necklaces are rather basic-y, but I still feel like I'm missing them in my rather small jewelry collection.. Anyone volunteering to buy me something (all of it) from above? :D
What do you think about the pieces I picked? x


Since I was convinced that my plum coloured jeggings would only look good with ballet flats and I can't really be bothered to wear such thin shoes with this weather anymore, I originally thought about selling them, but when I saw someone else wearing them (not in a spectacular way, but just seeing them on someone), I decided to give them one last chance! I tried them on with 3 or 4 different pairs of boots and this is the combination I like the most! I'll proably wear them tomorrow, given that my heel will be fixed by then (I need to glue some stuff back on). The only thing I'm still insecure about when it comes to those pants is which colours to wear with them - especially when it comes to tops, sweaters, etc. I'd like to try something else than only black, like.. grey, beige? Do you guys have any suggestions?


Monday, 19 November 2012

 (from left to right) Maliina, Julius (typical), Kasia, Sarah, Caren & me
 Bruno & me
 Our own bar, I helpe out for a bit and it was soo stressful haha!
 Nora & Bruno
 (from left to right) my boyfriend (hahaha), Julius & Kristian
 Bruno & me rocking that dance floor!
 Maria, Julius & Nora
 (from left to right) Maria, Nora, Alisa & Kasia
 Anna & Maria - beauties!
 Sarah & Laura
 Daniel, haha!
 Dom's hands (and that's how my hands, legs, feet and elbows looked on saturday night after having helped out at the bar - damn Eristoff black!)
(from left to right) Zora, Julius & Lisa

So on saturday, we had one of the partys organised by the Pupils' Committee and the theme was "Suit Up". Most of the girls wore fancy dresses, but almost all the guys were in shirts and ties or bowties:D I had a really great time and I can't wait for the next party! All the pictures are from Facebook.


Saturday, 17 November 2012

 I've been wanting a short black coat for a while now and got this one on sale for 30€ instead of 60!
 This picture doesn't do it any justice!!! I've been looking for a skirt that's short in the front and longer in the back the entire summer and i finally found it! At H&M! For 15€! So so so happy

I also bought a black hat (like the grey one I showed you already) at H&M for 5€, since I have no idea where the hell my grey one went after the Birthdaybash...

Outfit - Friday

jeggings: dr denim, boots, jumper: /, jacket: my mum's

I don't know why, but my face expressions on outfit pictures are always so terrible, haha! I barely had any lessons yesterday (2 to be precise), since we convinced our german teacher to go to the Student fair with us and we all left after like half an hour (ha, free afternoon, ha).
Today I'll spend my day studying biology and in the evening I'll go to the Suit Up party which the Pupil's Committee (so including me) organised. I bought two, three things over the past few days, I'll make a post about that later through the day! I won't take my camera to the party itself, but I'll take it to my friend's place (sleeping over at hers), so I might take some pictures there!

Instagram Diary

Thursday, 15 November 2012

 left: random outfit, right: looking like a blonde!
 left: random outfit, right: lazy saturday outfit
 left: what I wore to Alex, Pedro & Hendrik's birthdaybash, right: I love those cheeses that you can put into the oven for a couple of minutes and then mmmmmhhh
 left: my boyfriend brought me marshmallow fluff from Scotland because I "like fluffy things" hahah, right: making dinner a couple of weeks ago, tofu, noodles & vegetables - yum!
 left: probably my favourite picture right now haha! right: random outfit
 left: I wore my backfree jumper today, right: Santa already made his rounds and left my brother and me sweets in our shoes ;)
left: full body outfit picture of today, right: today's dinner tasted like heaven after my first zumba class (which was sooo exhausting but awesome!)


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

jeggings: dr denim, shoes: converse, top: new look, hoodie: pimkie, parka: chicwish, necklace: sheinside

I finally got my good old "photographing spot" back in our garden and since I start school later on tuesdays, I actually had a chance to take outfit pictures! It is currently absolutely impossible to take pictures after school because the sunset hast already started when I finish school and there's not much use in pictures that were taken in the complete dark.. Even in the morning (around half past 7) it's waay too dark :(
However, my day was very relaxed, I slept longer, drove to school, had a free at the very beginning when arriving, 3 periods and then 2 frees again (which I knew of already though, so I spent them studying biology with a friend) and now I just tried out 15 minute risotto - delish!
I'm currently downloading the new Gossip Girl episode, so I'll go make myself a cup of tea and relax a bit. Have a nice evening xo


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Here's the requested vlog I got a couple of days ago! Ignore my mumbling at some parts of the videos and yes I might sound like my nose is blocked but oh well:D Also, i meant circles, not rings under my eyes hahah! I hope you like it :)

Evening trip to Brussels

Thursday, 8 November 2012

 Nora and me working that duckface!
 Pico being hyper as always haha
 Yes, this hotel is called TUNA

 Brussels is so preeeetty! Such a shame that it was dark already when we arrived :(

 In Delirium

 Nora's (grapefruit taste) and my (honey taste) beers
 Andreas & Nora
 Urs & Maliina

 Goooorgeous ceiling in the theater!!

Cutest theater I've ever been to!

Here are a couple of pictures that I took to our trip to Brussels yesterday. It was lots of fun, the theater piece was really good, but we only got about an hour to have dinner and walk around a bit, so we didn't actually get to see very much of Brussels :( Well, at least I am reminded to go back there soon!