Red Lipstick + Grey Woolen Hat

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hello you guys! When I was in town looking for curtains with my mum yesterday, I found this grey woolen hat and just really wanted it - and boy, I'm so glad I got it, the weather was terrible yesterday!
Along with the hat, I decided that I really have to actually start wearing my red lisptick.. it's so pretty but I tend to feel so dressed up when wearing it.. does that make sense?
However, today will be spent at home, doing school work! I told myself that this time, I will not wait until Saturday or Sunday to start doing homework or studying and yay, I just finished my almost 4 pages long german essay :D Other than studying, I might also go do some practice driving with my mum's car soon, since the only car I've properly driven with so far was the ones I had during driving lessons.
I migth be back with another update tonight, so see you later? x


  1. love ur hat <3

  2. You do look really pretty with the grey hat and red lipstick, I can see why you thought they would look good together. <3 R xx


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