Rainy Octoberday

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

pullover: h&m divided, skirt, scarf: h&m, leather jacket: mango (stolen from my mum), watch: swatch

It was so rainy and cold and uncomfortable outside today, that I immediately swapped my clothes against joggings, socks and a hoodie before I took these snapshots.
Today hasn't been anything special, I had my driving lesson in the morning like every Tuesday (two mroe to go!:D) and then I had history, english, math, spanish and double gym. So far I've studied maths (test tomorrow and I really don't like our new math teacher) and eaten delicious thai food and now I'm gonna snuggle up in my bed and watch the new episode of Gossip Girl! Have a nice evening xo


  1. You always look great in a skirt coz your legs are awesome :D R xx

  2. I. Adore. Your. Blog. Keep it up girl! x

  3. YOUR. BLOG. IS. ADORABLE! Keep it up girl! x

  4. I thought you might like this clip, it is really cool:

    R x x


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