Thursday, 18 October 2012

 left: Sarah and I with our melon hats (for the funny class picture) right: super cozy café
 left: definitely need to wear my fur again this winter as soon as the cold hits minus degrees right: pizza night with the family
 left: I watched "Girl, interrupted" - great movie! right: vroom vrooooooom
 left: Zora & my coffees at Downtown - delish right: celebrating Anna's 17th birthday
 left: pizza, arizona and "An education" - watch it! right: Zora and I with our magaritas, when we celebrated Thomas' 18th birthday
 left: old picture of my cousin, brother and me eating nutella sandwiches right: the best nachos at ChiChi's!
 left: night out - with Zora & Lisa right: details of an outfit

 left: haha! right: this minibus was standing on the school parking
 left: mhhh right: outfit details
 left: last week, my english teacher made us good old british cucumber sandwiches! right: Nora and me last friday night
 left: great magazine left: I've done more than half a the summary for my history prebac next week today, proud!
 left: lunch at IKEA on our geography trip, NOM right: outfit details
 left: tuesday's dinner - spicy but oh so good right: the food they're selling in school is getting better!!
left: being dead tired after swimming yesterday right: my nails right now


  1. your school food looks really good!! are you studying the French Baccalaureate?

  2. Great legs....especially under the steering wheel... ;) R xx

  3. Rigtig fin og inspirerende blog. Vi er lige blevet fast læser, og håber at du også har lyst til at tage en smut forbi vores blog :-)

    - Seline og Simone ♥

  4. where is that super cozy café? :)


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