Autumn Shopping

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

 Yesterday, an order I didn't tell you about arrive, and here it is! Since my old leather jacket is slowly getting too small for me and started breaking around the sleeves, and my dad said he'd pay me a new one if I'd find a nice one, I decided to get this beauty from Topshop and I'm so happy! You can take off the fur collar, so I can also simply wear it with big chunky, knitted scarves:D

 Got both of those in H&M Divided today, since I feel like I don't have enough jumpers. I'm in love with the rather flashy colours, so easy to combine with jeans and boots!
And lastly, I got myself a grey pair of Dr Denim Jeggings - been wanting grey ones for a while now!

What do you think of my new buys? Oh and I think my boots might've arrived today :D Only have to pick them up at the commune tomorrow!!


  1. Jumpers look very cute.:)

  2. Great choices, the biker jacket is a classic and the bright jumpers will cheer up your autumn wardrobe<33 R xx

  3. The jumpers look so warm :3
    i need some too :o

  4. wow, love the jacket! Which size do you have?

  5. Wow I love the jacket! Which size do you have?


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