Red Lipstick + Grey Woolen Hat

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hello you guys! When I was in town looking for curtains with my mum yesterday, I found this grey woolen hat and just really wanted it - and boy, I'm so glad I got it, the weather was terrible yesterday!
Along with the hat, I decided that I really have to actually start wearing my red lisptick.. it's so pretty but I tend to feel so dressed up when wearing it.. does that make sense?
However, today will be spent at home, doing school work! I told myself that this time, I will not wait until Saturday or Sunday to start doing homework or studying and yay, I just finished my almost 4 pages long german essay :D Other than studying, I might also go do some practice driving with my mum's car soon, since the only car I've properly driven with so far was the ones I had during driving lessons.
I migth be back with another update tonight, so see you later? x


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

 I initially started off with looking for the H&M boots I talked about a few posts ago, but before that, I tried these on for fun. When I was in H&M, I didn't like the boots that much anymore and couldn't get the ones from the picture out of my head anymore - I just had to get them, and how can you say no when they were only 35€?!
 I finally (!!) found a top coat nailpolish that makes your nailpolish turn matt! I've been looking for it for sooo long and I couldn't believe my luck when I found this one for 3€ :D
My lovely parka that I ordered from Chicwish a couple of days ago arrived yesterday and it's perfect! It's quite thin (I knew that though), but it's loose enough that I can easily wear a big hoodie underneath :)


Monday, 29 October 2012

 Jil & Anna

Today, I went to town with Lisa and Jil to catch up, since we haven't seen us in what feels like forever. We walked around gare, shopped a bit and then ate chocolate cake at Exki where Anna joined us for a bit :)
I bought two things and my last order arrived today, but I decided that I'll wait until tomorrow when I can actually take decent pictures of the new things!

Asos Order

My order from asos (finally) arrived today, so I thought I'd show you what I bought! Both the things are very basic, but well needed. I've been wanting a "skater" skirt in black forever, since I only have on in grey and mint green and the black, soft oxfords also filled a gap in my closet. I'm really happy with my things and can't wait to wear them!


Sunday, 28 October 2012

I've been having my eyes on these boots from H&M for a while now.. I've been wanting kind of "biker" boots for weeks, but never dared to buy any because they were quite high (higher than these) and would look weird on me, but these look perfect since they're quite low! I might go by H&M tomorrow and try them on.. what do you think?

Mini Inspiration

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, but I've had work up 'til my ears. I'm off school for a week now though, so I'll improve the blogging again! Above are a couple of pictures that I like at the moment, all from my tumblr, follow me!


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

 this year's (and last!) school picture. don't hate it, don't like it.. whatevs
 funphoto (yes, we actually all wore a melon-hat!) and a picture of all the girls from my class :)
 upper one: the entire 7th year at Kirchberg, lower one: the entire 7th year! (Kirchberg + Mamer)
 our normal classphoto

 I found this huuuuge cup and immediately filled it with still warm ricepudding with raspberries, yum!
 my lovely agenda (bought at the art museum KUMU in Estonia) I tend to randomly start scribbling drawings or I fill up empty spaces with anything that pops in my mind during classes, it's always so messy! But I love it that way
 favourite sheets!

favourite boots: (from left to right) H&M, Bianco, //, Faith

Since I didn't take any pictures yesterday/today, I thought it would be nice to share some random pictures out of my daily life again!
Gonna watch the new episode of Pretty Little Liars now (excited!!!!!), TTYL!

22th of October

Monday, 22 October 2012

dress: pull & bear, cardigan: h&m, boots: faith

Since the weather here in Luxembourg decided to go all crazy again (21 degrees at the beginning and 6 degrees at the end of the week), I used the opportunity to leave the house with bare legs for the last time this year. I also couldn't wait to wear my new boots, so this is the result!
My day hasn't been very special, got a 9 in the first part of my french test, but that's about it..
I'm gonna put the pizza in the oven now, shower and study some geography, see you! xo


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Those beauties finally arrived at my home, in the right size and oh they're perfect! They are a bit too tight, but I'll fix that by wearing them a lot and stretching them a bit. I've been looking for very casual, black boots for a while now and I'm in love with these because they're not too rough and real classics. I can't wait to wear them 24/7! What do you think?


Thursday, 18 October 2012

 left: Sarah and I with our melon hats (for the funny class picture) right: super cozy cafĂ©
 left: definitely need to wear my fur again this winter as soon as the cold hits minus degrees right: pizza night with the family
 left: I watched "Girl, interrupted" - great movie! right: vroom vrooooooom
 left: Zora & my coffees at Downtown - delish right: celebrating Anna's 17th birthday
 left: pizza, arizona and "An education" - watch it! right: Zora and I with our magaritas, when we celebrated Thomas' 18th birthday
 left: old picture of my cousin, brother and me eating nutella sandwiches right: the best nachos at ChiChi's!
 left: night out - with Zora & Lisa right: details of an outfit

 left: haha! right: this minibus was standing on the school parking
 left: mhhh right: outfit details
 left: last week, my english teacher made us good old british cucumber sandwiches! right: Nora and me last friday night
 left: great magazine left: I've done more than half a the summary for my history prebac next week today, proud!
 left: lunch at IKEA on our geography trip, NOM right: outfit details
 left: tuesday's dinner - spicy but oh so good right: the food they're selling in school is getting better!!
left: being dead tired after swimming yesterday right: my nails right now

Rainy Octoberday

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

pullover: h&m divided, skirt, scarf: h&m, leather jacket: mango (stolen from my mum), watch: swatch

It was so rainy and cold and uncomfortable outside today, that I immediately swapped my clothes against joggings, socks and a hoodie before I took these snapshots.
Today hasn't been anything special, I had my driving lesson in the morning like every Tuesday (two mroe to go!:D) and then I had history, english, math, spanish and double gym. So far I've studied maths (test tomorrow and I really don't like our new math teacher) and eaten delicious thai food and now I'm gonna snuggle up in my bed and watch the new episode of Gossip Girl! Have a nice evening xo