The beginning of the end

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I just arrived at home, after having survived my last first schoolday - ever! (so weird)
I had two lessons only and I have almost all my teachers from last year, so there aren't that many changes. My time table is okay, I finish school at 14:50 on wednesdays and only start school at 10:20 on tuesdays and 11:30 on fridays, so I can catch up on some sleep :D
A major change in our school is however the fact that the second European School is finished and we got split up (by nationalities), so that quite a bunch of people I'm friends with won't be going to the same school as me anymore :( However, since the whole 7th year (hehehehe it feels so funny to actually write it down.. 7th year :D) finished at 12:15 today, Interview (a bar/café) was completly filled with people from my year, even with those who took the train all the way from Mamer to town, it was so funny!
That's it for now, I'm gonna read some blogs now and watch an episode of one of the several tv shows I downloaded and drink peppermint tea. See you, xo

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  1. Hey!
    my school day felt weird, sitting inside, on a chair...
    Every teacher is new for me in 6th year, till now they seem nice (fhew...)
    I also don't like the split of schools :/



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