Friday, 14 September 2012

pullover: h&m divided, jeggings: dr denim, leather jacket: zara, shoes: converse

Even though it's not thaat special, I decided to show you what I wore on thursday, when I wore my new shoes for the first time :)
Like last weekend, I won't be home for half the weekend, so I decided to tell you what I've been up to lately, to give you an idea what my life looks like right now.
School is the usual stuff, apart from having to decide which subjects I'll do as written and which as oral exams in my BAC and reading through dozens of univeristy courses. I went swimming on wednesday and I'm definitely going to try to make a routine out of it to go swimming at least once a week! Other than that, I've been spending as much time as possible with friends, especially on weekends (as you may have noticed) and all those essays (in german, french, english and spanish) are slowly sneeking up on me, which means that I'll have to start writing regularly again. But hey, that's why I chose those subjects!
I hope my posts aren't getting too boring, it's just that the climate- and routine changes always have an impact on updates.. Anyways, I'll talk to you when I'm back home.. sometime this weekend :D


  1. You look great in skinny jeans and I like the converse shoes with them. R x x

  2. i would wear that outfit! its so nice!


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