Wednesday, 19 September 2012

 Just..... awwww

 I thought about buying these boots for a couple of minutes until I decided that I really want them. I usually only buy black boots, so this was a great opportunity to get more "special" boots without having to think about it for weeks because they're expensive
 this is a bodycon dress and the picture is really bad.
again: bad picture!

After having gone swimming for 45 minutes today, I got myself a little treat and wandered through H&M (divided), and quite obviously, I didn't leave the store with empty hands :D I love everything I bought, I can't help it but become a complete shopping freak in autumn, haha! What do you think about the boots?


  1. loooove the boots!

  2. Great looking boots in 'exotic' shade of dark red suede mmmm. Great choice! Hope to see pic wearing new dress next time <33 R x x

  3. I love those boots, perfect colour!


  4. That phone case look amazing. ♡

  5. Those boots are amaaaazing! Outfit photo's pretty please :) xx

  6. the case is really cute:)from where is it?


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