Laura's 18th Birthday

Monday, 17 September 2012

 Sarah and my presents
 Anna and Elena

 Laura opening her huge present :D
 (I bought the Kinder Surprise heheh:D)

 Laura's terrace has like the best view e-v-e-r
 Anna and Laura - I've got such stunning friends!

 Sarah and Caren
 Fooling around with Laura's jewelry haha
 Zora and me (her face expression haha)
 The Birthdaygiiiirl (and how awesome is that balloon? It was also part of Sarah and my presents)

As you can see, I spent my sunday afternoon celebrating Laura's 18th birthday with 5 girls at her place, eating cake and drinking champagne and in the evening four more girls joined us and we had delicious dinner at an italian restaurant! I had suuch a great time :D


  1. Soooo many pretty faces and I 'lurve'..the black mini skirt <333 R x

  2. All the food looks amaaazing. Looks like you had a great time!



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