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Thursday, 20 September 2012

 This was my lunch about two weeks ago, I felt a biiit sick afterwards but it was so worth it, haha
 left: on the bus with Anna, Sarah and Isabel on a fridaynight out right: Tequila shots at Sarah's birthday party
 left: outfit details, right: me
 left: Nora and me, right: selfmade tuna salad, yum!
 outfit snapshots
 left: gave this to Laura on her 18th birthday - because you are never too old for Kinder Surprise and Barbie! right: my hair looks sooo blonde in this picture!
 left: me last sunday, right: AWESOME cake and cupcakes at Laura's birthday-cake-afternoon
 left: outfit snapshot, right: a girl brought cake to spanish class on monday and the teacher bought hot chocolate for the entire class!
 left: awesome fruit combination nomnom, right: yes those are my legs
 left: wearing my new glasses, right: outfit snapshot (from wednesday)
 left: awesome phonecover, right: Luxembourg City
left: outfit details from today, right: what I am doing at the moment: writing my very first personal statement ever!

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  1. Great picture bomb and love your new glasses, they make you look brainy and sophisticated :D Also lurve your freckles and eyes...Mmmm R x x


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