Excuse me, am I making you dizzy?

Sunday, 30 September 2012

shirt: second hand, jeggings: dr denim, shoes: converse

I am absolutely going to wear this tomorrow. (minus the glasses)
So far, I've put up the printer (we finally got a new one), did my homework, added several lines to my personal statement and looked through pictures for our Yearbook. (I'm one of the editors this year)
Also, I ordered one of the two pairs of boots that I posted yesterday. I already had a slight preference to one of the two pairs, can you guess which ones I ordered?:D


  1. Spotty top and plain skinny jeans = classic look. BTW I think the glasses make you look sophisticated. Zip boots are my guess ;D R xx

  2. idk but i hope you ordered the first ones ;) (on the left)


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