Excuse me, am I making you dizzy?

Sunday, 30 September 2012

shirt: second hand, jeggings: dr denim, shoes: converse

I am absolutely going to wear this tomorrow. (minus the glasses)
So far, I've put up the printer (we finally got a new one), did my homework, added several lines to my personal statement and looked through pictures for our Yearbook. (I'm one of the editors this year)
Also, I ordered one of the two pairs of boots that I posted yesterday. I already had a slight preference to one of the two pairs, can you guess which ones I ordered?:D


Saturday, 29 September 2012

Someone buy me those boots, both pairs, I am literally drooling all over my laptop and I can't even decide which ones are better because they are both such beauties. They're from asos, by the way.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

 Kate, me and Anna today

I'm sorry for the poor update this week, but I haven't exactly had a great week so far.. I got sick on tuesday (my ears hurt really bad, I could barely move my head, etc) and I stayed home alomst the entire wednesday, only went to school to get the picture with my year done. I did however have my first driving lesson on tuesday, which was pretty fun, so that's something good about this week.
Today, I had my single-picture and classphoto taken in school, for the last time ever.. and yes that's it.
I'll try to update again if I have anything interesting to share.

Rebecca Minkoff

Sunday, 23 September 2012

When I read about the competition regarding Rebecca Minkoff's new collection for Spring/Summer 2013 on another blog, I immediately went to check out the collection and whoa, it's so pretty! I entered both a competition to win a 500$ shopping spree (you don't need to be a blogger to participate!) and to win a 1500$ shopping spree (only for bloggers this time). So to enter the bloggers competition, here are my three favourite looks from the collection. My absolute favourite has got to be the classy white dress on the right!
Enter the 500$ contest here and the 1500$ contest here. Hurry, the competitions end tomorrow night!

Once A Week Chic

Today, I discovered a website called www.onceaweekchic.com. If you are a blogger and sign up on the site, you can get free clothes every month, earn chic points which you can use as a discount when buying something and you get one automatic entry in their monthly give aways! I suggest you all to go check it out, I'm definitely in :D


 from friday

from saturday night

Yeeees, yes, too many mirror pictures, I know. Like the last (two?) weekend(s), my apology for the crappy update is that I was barely home again. My friend Lisa turned 17 on friday, so we went to her place to have lots of good food and went to town later on. I was a bit disappointed of the evening though, because there weren't too many people in town and I was freezing in my dress-tights-leatherjacket-combination. Then yesterday evening, I went to my boyfriend's place and had food and (way) too much wine with his friends and we went to town as well, to celebrate into his birthday. He turned 17 today and I've been home since 2. I didn't take my camera with me, but some people took a couple snaphots here and there, so I might put some of those up in the following days.

PS: OH AND I FORGOT, I got into the Pupils Comittee:D it's not really that much of a big deal, but we had to make a small speech infront of like 100+ people and I got in and yes, I'm glad hihi

New Glasses

Friday, 21 September 2012

I got new glasses this week and I don't know, I find them so lovely, I just felt like sharing them on here. Do you like them?

Instagram Diary

Thursday, 20 September 2012

 This was my lunch about two weeks ago, I felt a biiit sick afterwards but it was so worth it, haha
 left: on the bus with Anna, Sarah and Isabel on a fridaynight out right: Tequila shots at Sarah's birthday party
 left: outfit details, right: me
 left: Nora and me, right: selfmade tuna salad, yum!
 outfit snapshots
 left: gave this to Laura on her 18th birthday - because you are never too old for Kinder Surprise and Barbie! right: my hair looks sooo blonde in this picture!
 left: me last sunday, right: AWESOME cake and cupcakes at Laura's birthday-cake-afternoon
 left: outfit snapshot, right: a girl brought cake to spanish class on monday and the teacher bought hot chocolate for the entire class!
 left: awesome fruit combination nomnom, right: yes those are my legs
 left: wearing my new glasses, right: outfit snapshot (from wednesday)
 left: awesome phonecover, right: Luxembourg City
left: outfit details from today, right: what I am doing at the moment: writing my very first personal statement ever!


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

 Just..... awwww

 I thought about buying these boots for a couple of minutes until I decided that I really want them. I usually only buy black boots, so this was a great opportunity to get more "special" boots without having to think about it for weeks because they're expensive
 this is a bodycon dress and the picture is really bad.
again: bad picture!

After having gone swimming for 45 minutes today, I got myself a little treat and wandered through H&M (divided), and quite obviously, I didn't leave the store with empty hands :D I love everything I bought, I can't help it but become a complete shopping freak in autumn, haha! What do you think about the boots?

Outfit from Monday

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

shorts: topshop, vneck: bershka, jacket: mommy's, sunglasses: /

Laura's 18th Birthday

Monday, 17 September 2012

 Sarah and my presents
 Anna and Elena

 Laura opening her huge present :D
 (I bought the Kinder Surprise heheh:D)

 Laura's terrace has like the best view e-v-e-r
 Anna and Laura - I've got such stunning friends!

 Sarah and Caren
 Fooling around with Laura's jewelry haha
 Zora and me (her face expression haha)
 The Birthdaygiiiirl (and how awesome is that balloon? It was also part of Sarah and my presents)

As you can see, I spent my sunday afternoon celebrating Laura's 18th birthday with 5 girls at her place, eating cake and drinking champagne and in the evening four more girls joined us and we had delicious dinner at an italian restaurant! I had suuch a great time :D