Monday, 20 August 2012

 black vans & neon nailpolish (especially yellow one!)
a colourful rain jacket (romwe), a cape (romwe), a leather jacket - not necessarily with spikes/studs (new look), a denim vest and/or a denim jacket (all new look)

I've been craving the things listed above for a while now, especially the nailpolish and shoes! I went to more than 10 shops to find the shoes, but they never had them in my size.. If I don't find them here while I'm still in France, I'll probably order them when I'm back at home. Regarding the leather jacket, I actually need a new one, since my actual one is starting to get too small for me (my dad would pay a new one). The cape and rain jacket are just really pretty, which is enough of a reason for me to want them haha :D And I've been wanting a proper denim jacket, because the one that I have right now is actually an old kids' jacket, so it doesn't really fit the way that I want it to. Oh and the denim vests are just a big summer craving too.

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