Wednesday, 1 August 2012

 I realised that I pretty much own a pair of shorts in every colour, haha!
 When I went to the eye doctor yesterday, the put eye drops into my eyes in order for my pupils to get larger to see if my lenses haven't left any damages. Doesn't it look kinda creepy?:D
 I finally found a nice pair of black flats, mine are currently falling apart (literally)
 I couldn't resist but go have a look around Extrabold yesterday, since I was at gare anyways and ayyyy I left the shop with something so so pretty that was on sale.. here's a little sneek peak! Can you guess what it is?
In the afternoon, I met my mum and brother in the library in town and borrowed 5 books for when I leave to France next week. And yes, I am a huge fan of Detective Conan Mangas, always have been, always will be:D I already almost finished both of them though :( The other three books are two Agatha Christie ones (I love reading them at the beach when I have nothing better to do, because I always need to use some of my patience when starting one of her books until I really get into it) and one about a blind girl that gets to know a boy over the phone and they fall in love with eachother, I really love the books from the author!

I'm currently sitting under a tree in my garden, on a big towel, trying to hide from the sun a bit because it's almost 30 degrees and I am meeelting! Hopefully my friend will come back home soon so we might be able to go swimming later :)

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  1. Maybe your eyes does look kinda creepy in picture, but I likw it that way (: looks really interesting.


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