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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

skirt: h&m, shirt: new look, shoes: h&m divided, bag: handed down from my mum

I finally got to take some decent outfit pictures (okay I had to take them using the timer, but still better than mirror pictures, right?) today, soo this is what I wore! I love the bag that I wore today, my mum gave it to me when I came back from Estonia, there will be a post with better pictures of it soon!
All I've done today was go to the eye doctor, (which means that I'm make up less and not wearing lenses = I'm hiding under my sunglasses) then went to get an appointment at another doctor, then went to the post because my credit card got blocked and theen I also made a stop at two shops and ended up buying two things, buut more about that another time!
That's all I did today, nothing more exciting to write about here, so I'll go get some food now and then watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Have a nice evening, xo

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  1. Stunning look. I love the bag :)


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