Vlog: Buys from Estonia

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Here's the haul I promised you. I filmed the video with my webcam because I haven't figured out how to refocus my camera while filming (barely had time to read about my camera) and I read in a review that in order to get the quality to stay as good when it's uploaded as it is when the clip is filmed, you need another memory card than the one that I am currently using.
Oh and one last thing, you might want to turn up the volume a bit and I'm sorry if I'm mumbling around in some places, I have to get used to talking to a camera again haha:D


  1. i think the pull and bear dress would look even better if you cut off the black stripes in the back :)! nice video!

  2. you have a very nice accent :D


  3. omg. your accent is so cute (:

  4. hmm your english kinda sucks :(


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