Sunday, 29 July 2012

 I clearly took way to many pictures of buildings and streets, but it all reminded me of Vienna and a city full of cupcakes, cakes and whipped cream (and no I'm not hungry as I am writing this, haha)

 HUGE pancakes for less than 4€ is perfectly normal there
 they were really good!

 dorky face expression, but oh well
wearing: black top: h&m, jeans shorts: mango, jacket: "borrowed" from mum, shoes: h&m divided

 I want(ed) those wellies sooo bad, but this was their last pair and they were a size 36! Damn you, big feet!!!!!!!! (okay, I'm a 38, but still)

 casually drooling over (MAC) cosmetics

 big ass dinner at a russian restaurant after having eaten that big ass pancake 3 hours earlier = impossible
view from the window in our hotel room (this picture got taken around 10PM, btw)

(Lots of) more pictures to come!


  1. looks identical to Latvia!!

  2. I wanted to say the same! :D

  3. Tallin is very beautiful city! :)
    And yeah, now you shoul come and visit Riga wich is the capital of Latvia which is next to Estonia. Riga is also very beautiful especially the old city! :)

  4. cant wait for more pictures (:

  5. yeah, you should definitely visit Latvia ;)


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