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Monday, 23 July 2012

 left: playing around with my new camera right: grilling at the boyfriend's place a bit more than a week ago
 left: Lisa and me in the parc to pre-celebrate Zora's birthday right: eating nachos with my brother in the cinema, watching Ice Age 4
 left: awesome brunch right: kind of curly hair after having it had in a bun the entire day
 left: awesome food right: favourite breakfast (I seriously need to stop taking so many pictures of food.. sorry haha)
 left: snapshot of Tallinn's old town right: huge hotelshower :D
 left: haven't had the opportunity to drink Breezer since I'm back from Mallorca, they don't sell it in Luxembourg! :( right: cute cafĂ© called Matilda
left: outfit snapshot right: trying on sunglasses with my boyfriend

Sooooooorry for the long absence! I've been living with my boyfriend since saturday now, my mum flew back home and I haven't taken as many pictures as before! We mostly spend our days sleeping in long and walking around, shopping a bit, so there isn't really that much I could post about here.. I'll try to be back with an update soon though :)

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