Sunday, 15 July 2012

 I have to teach my brother how to use my new camera so that he can take proper pictures of me! However, this is what I wore
 My brother with his 3D glasses
 It looks like a painting!
 Awesome nachos with cheese dip @ the cinema

 My brother & dad

 Driving on the highway on our way home
Wearing my dad's huge jacket, because I got cold later in the evening. I really hope to find something similar in one of the many thrift stores in Estonia!

So yesterday night (oops, before yesterday actually, sunday's already over..) my family spontaneously decided to go to the cinema in the evening. I went to see Ice Age 4 with my brother (hilarious!) and they watched Snow White and the Huntsman. Afterwards, we had dinner in Tiebreak Café and then went home. I just took my camera with me and took pictures here and there, I just can't put it away :D
Okay I think it's time for me to go sleep now.. or soon at least! Last theory lesson tomorrow by the way, wee! Good night xo

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  1. your brother looks so much like you ;)


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