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Sunday, 8 July 2012

 my mum tidied her wardrobe and ended up giving me a bunch of pretty scarves!
 snapshot of a random outfit
I might put on my other tattoo that I got from on the holiday that I'm leaving to in a bit more than a week (I'm so excited about it, for several reasons.. but more about that in another post ;)). The essie nailpolish is my mum's, I've heard that they're really good, so I'll try it out sometime soon! (maybe after I'm done with work where I have dirt on my hands half the time)

I'm back home (I slept at my grandma's place after going out last night) and I had a really good time! I only took a few (bad) snapshots, with my phone, but a friend of mine brought her awesome camera and we took loots of pictures while we were in the parc, running around playing drinking games haha! I'll try to post them here as soon as she puts them on facebook :) Other than that: another week of work is starting tomorrow, but since the weather is always going to be 18-20 degrees with lots of rain, I think (and hope) that Victoria and me will get work that we can/have to do inside! I'm already getting more muscles in my arms from all the work of last week haha and it's really exhausting when you have to work outside when it's 26 degrees and sunny!
Whoaaaa enough text, I'll prepare some posts for the week now!

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