Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I don't know if any of you readers here are interested in this post, but I thought why not give it a try, to get something new on here :) As some of you might know, I'm not a super sporty person and I eat all the time and a lot! I do enjoy playing sports with friends, but I'm simply too lazy to get myself to move, like go for a run if I don't have to (like we had to in gym class). But since I am slowly getting a bit of a belly, I told myself that I could at least do some abs workout against that! I discovered Cassey's youtube channel and blog through a friend and I really like her workout routines, it's pilates! I always thought pilates is the kind of stuff you do to stretch or relax.. well it's not, haha! I try to do the two videos above two or three times a week (I sometimes - rarely though, add another one) and damn, I can feel the burn and muscles aching the day(s) after!
Since I've been working and going to theory lessons in the evening, I've been too tired to do any of this (at least 90% of the time), but I wanna get back at it ASAP! What do you guys do for sports/to stay fit? (I know that this doesn't exactly make one fit, but.. you know hehe)


  1. I have been doing her workouts for a month or so and they're great! They really work.
    Sometimes I go to the gym but I'm too lazy to go there most of the time

  2. I'm starting pilates as of the new school year, so I'll probably go to some sort of gym - can't waaaaait! It's super good for your core and back and I have back problems so I hope everything goes top notch for me heheh..and of course tennis is great! x

  3. Nothing! Im not a big fan of sports and I dont practice this every day, but if a friend calls me to go out for a ride with bikes I'm in with no doubt o/

    ps: thanks for the videos, I'm now looking for this kind of practicing o/ and I'm looking for some courage too hahahah

    (Nivea M.)

  4. I do handball 2 times every week and match every weekend. I bike to school (7.5 km) and sometimes i run 5 km.
    nice blog

  5. actually this was pretty useful for me. tnQ (:


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