You're all I want, you're all I need

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

skirt: h&m, shirt: new look, shoes: h&m divided, bag: handed down from my mum

I finally got to take some decent outfit pictures (okay I had to take them using the timer, but still better than mirror pictures, right?) today, soo this is what I wore! I love the bag that I wore today, my mum gave it to me when I came back from Estonia, there will be a post with better pictures of it soon!
All I've done today was go to the eye doctor, (which means that I'm make up less and not wearing lenses = I'm hiding under my sunglasses) then went to get an appointment at another doctor, then went to the post because my credit card got blocked and theen I also made a stop at two shops and ended up buying two things, buut more about that another time!
That's all I did today, nothing more exciting to write about here, so I'll go get some food now and then watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Have a nice evening, xo

Vlog: Buys from Estonia

Here's the haul I promised you. I filmed the video with my webcam because I haven't figured out how to refocus my camera while filming (barely had time to read about my camera) and I read in a review that in order to get the quality to stay as good when it's uploaded as it is when the clip is filmed, you need another memory card than the one that I am currently using.
Oh and one last thing, you might want to turn up the volume a bit and I'm sorry if I'm mumbling around in some places, I have to get used to talking to a camera again haha:D

Cupcakes & Iced Tea

Monday, 30 July 2012

I slept in until 12 yesterday and had a big nap in the afternoon/evening, (I was exhausted to the maximum, I had been up for more than 19hours on saturday, spent more than two hours on a plane..) so I felt really unproductive and unmotivated and decided to bake something! I ended up making vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and they definitely are the best I've made so far! Something that I really liked about the recipes that I used (let me know if you're interested and I'll give you the links) is, that the six cupcakes only contain 20g of butter and the frosting 30g! That way, they are nice and light, not full of fat, too sweet and super heavy as many other cupcakes.
I also made my own iced tea, I just boiled water, added sugar to the hot water and blended until the sugar drained, then I put two teabags of black tea in the hot water and later added lime juice, slices of lime, fresh peppermint and ice! So so delicious :D

Do you like these kind of posts? About food and drinks / recipes?
EDIT: Since someone asked for the recipe, here is the one for the cupcakes (in german though:/) and here is the recipe for the frosting!


Sunday, 29 July 2012

 I clearly took way to many pictures of buildings and streets, but it all reminded me of Vienna and a city full of cupcakes, cakes and whipped cream (and no I'm not hungry as I am writing this, haha)

 HUGE pancakes for less than 4€ is perfectly normal there
 they were really good!

 dorky face expression, but oh well
wearing: black top: h&m, jeans shorts: mango, jacket: "borrowed" from mum, shoes: h&m divided

 I want(ed) those wellies sooo bad, but this was their last pair and they were a size 36! Damn you, big feet!!!!!!!! (okay, I'm a 38, but still)

 casually drooling over (MAC) cosmetics

 big ass dinner at a russian restaurant after having eaten that big ass pancake 3 hours earlier = impossible
view from the window in our hotel room (this picture got taken around 10PM, btw)

(Lots of) more pictures to come!

Back in Luxembourg

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hello you guys! I'm back in Luxembourg, which I am partly happy, but mostly not that happy about after all. I really apologize for the terrible update, but I thought I'd rather spend my time in Estonia with my boyfriend than on blogger, since I won't get to see him for a whole month now..
However, I brought back a suitcase filled with new clothes and a camera with hundreds of pictures!
I'll pop in a photobomb with (lots) of picutres from my trip in now and then and I'll probably make a haul to show my buys, since that's what most of you people voted for :)
I'm off to get ready now though, going to have dinner at friends' place, see you!

Instagram Diary

Monday, 23 July 2012

 left: playing around with my new camera right: grilling at the boyfriend's place a bit more than a week ago
 left: Lisa and me in the parc to pre-celebrate Zora's birthday right: eating nachos with my brother in the cinema, watching Ice Age 4
 left: awesome brunch right: kind of curly hair after having it had in a bun the entire day
 left: awesome food right: favourite breakfast (I seriously need to stop taking so many pictures of food.. sorry haha)
 left: snapshot of Tallinn's old town right: huge hotelshower :D
 left: haven't had the opportunity to drink Breezer since I'm back from Mallorca, they don't sell it in Luxembourg! :( right: cute café called Matilda
left: outfit snapshot right: trying on sunglasses with my boyfriend

Sooooooorry for the long absence! I've been living with my boyfriend since saturday now, my mum flew back home and I haven't taken as many pictures as before! We mostly spend our days sleeping in long and walking around, shopping a bit, so there isn't really that much I could post about here.. I'll try to be back with an update soon though :)


Thursday, 19 July 2012

I already did some more shopping today, yesterday evening my mum and I had tons of sushi and I am now soon off to the restaurant! The weather here has been amazing, my face is slighty burnt and I have a tan line from my shorts, haha!
I've been thinking about how to show you the things that I bought/will buy when I'm back home, either in pictures or a vlog. What would you guys prefer?

Sneak Peek

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The picture above is just one from the maany pictures that I already took today! I am for sure slowly falling in love with this city. It's so pretty, (the architecture is cuute) the food is goood and cheap, the shops that I've seen so far looked very cool and the people here are so so nice :)
That's it for today, I had to get up at 5:30 this morning and I am absolutely exhausted, so I'll go have a warm shower and then I'm off to bed very soon. My mum and I planned to go to Pärnu tomorrow, which is on the seaside, so I'm hoping for a lot of sunshine (like today, actually!) :D

Off to Tallinn

random picture, but the colour's so cool:D

Hey guys! When you are reading this, I am already on the plane with my mum, on our way to Tallinn. I 'm not gonna write a lot here, I just wanted to let you know that I will have internet both in our hotel and later on when I'm with my boyfriend, so I'll try to update every now and then! See you soon xo

Birthday Pictures

Monday, 16 July 2012

 Zora, Nora, me and Lisa
 I look so pale between them, it's so unfair :(
 Yannic, Nora and Andreas
 Jo, Lisa Zora and Kate (Jo and Kate are twins! Could you have guessed that?:D)
 Lisa and mee♥
 such a fail haha :D
 Lisa and Thomas
Lisa, Nora and Yannic

My friend with the awesome camera finally put the pictures from last  weeks's saturday night up on facebook, when we pre-celebrated Zora's birthday which was on the 10th. The pictures got all taken in the parc, in case you can't tell, since we spent around two hours there drinking, laughing and playing silly drinking games haha :D I had a really good night!