What's in my bag?

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Since someone requested it and I pretty much have been stuck inside studying maths all day, I thought now would be a good opportunity to make a what's in my bag post :) Since I go to school, I carry around school stuff, so I don't know if this is that interesting for you, but see for yourself!
 I am currently using my Romwe bag for school, it looks small but I can actually fit all my stuff in it!
 Pencil case, old H&M wallet, deodorant, cream (I have really dry hands and my face is quite dry too), tissues (especially for right now since half the school including me is sneezing non stop haha), chewing gums and mint pills
 Awesome pink agenda, yes to carrots berry flavoured lip balm, awesome pink hair brush with a mirror, mini hole puncher (:D), awesome pink earphones, my phone, keys, small purse with mascara, hair pins and so on in it, sunglasses (they're broken at the moment though, need to get them fixed)


  1. ooh thanks, nice post. (: it's very interesting to know whats inside your bag.
    lately you have been very creative with your posts (: my favourite kind of posts - room tour, whats in your bag, snapshot diary ;) so keep posting them (:

  2. funny, my bag has so similar stuff inside it (giggle)i guess, that makes us girls . heh ;)

  3. cute earphones (:

  4. I really like your bag.

  5. haha i see the idea was nice ^^
    i think ill do one too
    (like school bag)

    great post!


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