Friday, 29 June 2012

 shorts: h&m, shirt, shoes: h&m divided, bag: romwe

Since we didn't gather enough people yesterday, we didn't play football in a big group after all. But since I had to go to school to drop something off anyways, I had some time for myself, walking around town and through some lovely boutiques! I tried on gorgeous dresses, treated myself with some frozen yoghurt, had dinner at Subway with two guys and then we went to see the game Italy vs Germany at a public viewing! And what a shame, what was wrong with the german players yesterday?
However, since I did end up buying a few things, I'll make a post with those for tomorrow or the day after!
I'm leaving the house soon, I'm gonna have my first theory lesson today! I'm starting to get nervous because I can be a bit of a socially awkward penguin when it comes to going alone somewhere where I don't know anyone :D Oh well, I'll survive!

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  1. I like your minty shorts :)


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