Snapshot Diary

Thursday, 14 June 2012

 left: realllllly cute bag that I discovered again, gotta find an opportunity to wear it! right: playing around with my mum's pearl necklace, soo pretty, I wish I had one as well
 left: cloudy but pretty sky right: tried on my brother's airmax shoes with my dress, doesn't actually look that bad.. what do you think about the new hype about the shoes?
 left: tired looking me yesterday right: I found those gorgeous shorts at H&M, for 10€! Definitely getting them in at least another colour.
left: loving the song right now right: yesterday's outfit

I had my french compo today and I think I did quite well! I can sleep in and only have english tomorrow, which is usually the easiest of them all, so I'm all relaxed right now. I spent my afternoon studying philosophy and watching Cyberbully and I'm now gonna watch some series, have a nice evening :)

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  1. I really like the outfits with dresses or shorts with sport shoes, but actually I don t really like the airmax (shoes of your brother) for the girls, so it s better converse or boots :D


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