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Monday, 25 June 2012

 all the food and drinks that I bought for the camping
 (almost) all our camping stuff
 Lisa, Zora and Kate getting ready to put up those tents!
 our palace of a tent
 my lunch nomnom
 Casper! (german singer)

 Mac Miller (I wasn't standing in the crowd, so I didn't get to take better pictures)
 "dirty" boots on staurday..
 waiting to see The Koooooooooooks

 The Kooks!!!!!! Loved them
Snow Patrol

 saturday's dinner, nom
 random balloons in the sky
 Yannic taking a nap in his tent, with only his dirty shoes outside haha
 Thomas getting ready for a cold night! Hahaha

 awesome brown cookies


 breakfast on sunday morning haha
 Clueso (german singer as well)
 it started to rain around 2pm on sunday and didn't stop for pretty much the rest of the day, so it started to get reeally muddy..
 Zora and me in our pretty red rain ponchos :D
boots slowly getting dirty

 Biffy Clyro
 the ground turned into one big pool of mud
 we put our stuff under this plastic thingie after having put together the tents, so that our things wouldn't get completely soaked
 some parts of the camping space turned into a real lake

 Mumford and Sons (really bad picture :( )
my boots last night, actually dirty haha
walking around Gare to my mum's work looking like I just came back from war :D

I'm finally back at home, in my own bed! I didn't stay at the festival for two nights, as planned because the weather turned reaally really bad, non stop rain and I got so cold, I was shaking. Instead, I went to my boyfriend's place and slept there. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Billy Talent and Deadmau5 anymore, I just couldn't get myself to stand in the rain, shaking, for another two hours :( And Justice, who were supposed to play at midnight didn't make it..
However, the artists/bands that I saw are: Casper, Mac Miller, The Kooks, Snow Patrol, Modestep, (a bit of ) Chase and Status, Borgore, Clueso, Biffy Clyro and Mumford and Sons!
I was a bit disappointed about Mac Miller and Borgore, but otherwise, I was impressed how good they all were live! My favourites were Casper, The Kooks, Modestep and Mumford and Sons!
I'm busy downloading tons of songs from all the artists that I saw right now, so I'll be busy for a while :D Good night you guys!

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  1. I loved The Kooks too :)
    Snow Patrol was amazing too, really great live. And I also liked Clueso, such a cute boy and great singer! But my favorites were Biffy Clyro, which I saw for the 3rd time and they killed it this time. And I also enjoyed Two Door Cinema Club, It was fun to dance with a friend of mine in the mud to their songs.
    And of course Mumfords and Sons were amazingly great too :) Need to see them all again, for sure!
    My boots looked at the end even worser than yours hahaaa The weather was really shitty that day, I got sick for days after it but it was all so worth it. And I can't wait for next year ^^


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