My Room

Sunday, 3 June 2012

 I have my favourite sheets on my bed right now!
 I almost always am on my laptop in bed
 some of my jewelry and my pin board with all kind of pictures, notes, memories

 my desk where my school stuff, running shoes, driving license papers and other small things are on
 my one blue wall in my room
 I always have some clothes hanging above my bed
 my kind of unorganised make-up table, whatever you call it, haha
 my big shelf filled with books, magazines, bags, plastic bags and wayy too many shoes
 my super awesome super fluffy carpet!
 my wardrobe (I'm so lazy, I really should put all those clothes in my wardrobe haha)
 bag that I bought a while ago, filled with dvds, sunglasses and other small things
my window sill with some shoes that I'm currently selling


  1. you are selling the left ones??

  2. Love this post :)

  3. why your runnig shoes are on the table? :D

  4. ooh thank you so much for the room tour (: awesome post ;)


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