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Monday, 18 June 2012

The person who's style I like the most right now for sure is Miley Cyrus'! I really like the way that she makes her outfits look special and interesting, without looking overdressed, she always makes it look so easy and casual. I also love the way that she wears boots with dresses, shorts, .. .everything!
I definitely have to go shopping again soon!
What do you think about her style?
Do you like these kind of posts?


  1. Seeing those pictures you chose, i quite like her style too.
    i like the black mini dress so much!

    And giving your opinion on people's style is great.
    I also do that sometimes, but with ppl from the street hah xd

    Keep blogging!

  2. I really like the first outfit :) and also the dress with the converse

  3. Love her style too(: but i have to say that the pictures you chose arent the best ones!

  4. yes, i do like these kind of posts ;)

    keep posting ;)

  5. haha I was actually planning to ask you what you thought of miley cyrus since you reblog quite a lot of pictures of her on tumblr lately, so this post is nice (:

  6. You should keep doing posts like this! :) It would be interesting to read what you think about different celebrities style.


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