Mallorca Photobomb

Monday, 11 June 2012

I got a CD with pictures that the teachers took in Mallorca, and since I didn't take any pictures myself recently, I decided to show you a couple of those :)
 The boys in the pool
 Mr Cafferky and the finnish guys
 Ville climbing
 Orla climbing haha :D
 Mr Cafferky posing for ze camera!
 ..and here he is sliding down the rope!
 Mr Morgan posing haha
 The views were seriously breath taking
 Waiting for everyone else to come out of the water
 My group (I'm the one pulling a face haha) after coasteering, which is basically jumping from up to 10m high cliffs (I did it!!:D), climbing back up the cliffs (outch) and seeing the most beautiful grots ever
 Hamal (our teacher) climbing. Coasteering must've been the most exhausting thing I have ever done, but it was absolutely amazing!
 Corentin, Guilherme and me in the water (look how clear it is!)
 Dead but happy me
 Huuuge mountains
 There was this cat who kept coming to our appartments so it was like "our cat" for a week :D
 Group photo
 At the beach on the last day
 Mikael, Julius and me chillingggg

Looking through all those pictures makes me so sad :( I had such an amazing time, it feels like it was all just a dream!
I had my last "real" schoolday today, tomorrow I'll only have philosophy where we'll empty our lockers and then gym and around 12, I am officially done with 6th year classes, scary! I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow since I won't go home immediately, so I'll try to update you guys a bit :)

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