Last Schoolday 2011-2012

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

 snapshots of what I wore today
 what I did when I got home around 3
pretty much all of my school stuff from this year

So that's it, no more classes until september for me! I'm starting off with my first exam which will be spanish tomorrow. Since I already finished school at 12:15 today, I had sushi for lunch with a few girls and then went home but I really haven't been productive at all today.. I'll probably tidy my room now, do some belly exercises (too much food made me get a small belly haha, I wanna get rid of that again), then shower and maybe actually do some maths exercises, simply to feel a bit less guilty haha :) Have a nice evening! And sorry for the random pictures :p


  1. I can really recommend going to the library to study for exams! I always do it during my exam period and it really helps me concentrate cause there are no distractions like TV, food, tidying my room etc..

  2. redbull,skittles,glamour... i love that combination *.*


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