Huge Snapshot Diary

Thursday, 7 June 2012

 left: our garden, when the weather was still good (it's been raining non stop the whole week), right: pink clouuuuds!
 left: attempt to tan, just as I was getting comfortable, it started raining.. right: ice cream nomnom
 left: tv show junkie, right: when I went running
 left: I bought the pink/coral coloured pants, tried them on several times but brought them back in the end because they just didn't fit the way I wanted them to.. right: random outfit
 left: awesome, fresh mint tea I drank at a café, right: we had several small cakes and tea to celebrate my brother's 14th birthday, I felt so british with my teaaa haha
 left: I've been watching so much Body of Proof lately, right: my blonde belly hairs (randomness:D)
 left: the iphone 4(s) is such a nice thing to camera whore with , right: my lunch on monday, eat ALL the food!
 left: best.chocolate.ever. right: Maria, Nora and me on tuesday. Maria's going to the new school in Mamer next year, gonna miss her :(
 left: our beloved sixth and seventh year room (only the two oldest years can stay in it), they apparently are gonna re-do it during the summer! right: frozen yogurt on tuesday, nom
 left: Bruno and me! right: yesterday's lunch, sooo goooooood
 left: still wearing my fake allstars, even after climbing around, jumping off cliffs and swimming in the sea with them (Mallorca :'( ) right: today's big breakfast: scrambled eggs and toast with mashed avocado, yum!
 today's outfit - wearing my new pants, love themmmm!
left: I discovered Trésor sticks/bars today - my life is complete now, right: the schedule of RAF (a two day festival in Luxembourg), can't wait, gonna camp there with lots of friends and half the school will probably be there!

Okay so this is a quite big post, but I just had so many pictures to show you hehe!
I am wondering though, do you guys like snapshot diaries?


  1. where did you find the tresor sticks ???????

  2. its actually my favourite kind of posts ;) so keep posting them ;)

  3. thanks! i''ll look for them tomorrow :3

  4. I totally love this post! Your belly hairs really made me laugh :)

    Xo, Imke

  5. yes, yes keep doing this kind of posts (:


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