Wednesday, 20 June 2012

 This one isn't really related to the studs that I used on a DIY, but however, I bought this shirt on sale for 5€ two years ago, without trying it on and it's quite horrible, because it has no shape whatesoever
 So I decided to cut off the sleeves and make it shorter and I really like the result! It's simple, so I'll be able to wear it with lots of different things and it's light, perfect for warm summer days :)
 Now this is the shirt that I used for the studs DIY. As you can see, it has a few holes in it and I normally just wear it to bed or gym anymore, but it's still one of my favourites. I decided that the holes wouldn't matter that much if I'd change it a bit myself..
 The first step was to cut off the sleeves, but not completely like with the other shirt. It's like a t-shirt now, only that the sleeves are flowy, which I really like
 I then cut off a part of the back, in the shape of a V. I'm crazy about shirts and dresses with naked backs, so I used this opportunity to build in another detail I love
 Finally, I added golden studs to both the shoulders and voilà, this is the result!

I'll probably be wearing it tonight when I go out, so I might get the chance to take outfit pictures with it! :)
What do you think about my DIY(s)? Do you like it/them?


  1. that is such a genius idea! im definitely gonna try someithing like this :D

  2. how original :o
    i will dive in my wardrobe and use again the old clothes i could not wear xd

  3. They're really nice, even if in my opinion silver studs would have been better but that's just me ! :)

  4. I dunno abt the first DIY b/c the collar makes it quite obvious it's been DIY'd but sometimes that grungy look is nice too. I rly like the 2nd DIY! Studs will forever be in I think hahah. I'm gonna scroll thru ur blog & read what I've missed. Eek.



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