Thursday, 21 June 2012

 Kasia, Lukia and Olga with the DJ @Verso
 Kasia, Maliina, Maria, Olga, Nora, Lukia, me and Anna! One more girl is missing on the picture though
 Nora and Lukia
 Posing with the photographer, hahah!
 Nora and me at Sulpalco - having mojitos and cosmopolitans, yum!
 We went to the happy hour at Verso, which means that you get two drinks for the price of one (2 vodka red bulls for 6.50€, two shots for 2.50€.. awesome!)
 left: the girls posing for the camera haha right: Alisa and Maliina with our drinks
 Later on during the night, we went to another club called White and they offered us a bottle of champagne :D

As you may have noticed, I celebrated the start of my holidays with a bunch of girls, lots of drinks and dancing! I had a really great night and I am happy about the holidays being here now, but sad at the same time because lots of people are gonna be at the other European School in september, so I will barely get to see them anymore :(
I'm going to Rock a Field for the whole weekend and won't be home tomorrow either, so I prepared a small post. I'll try to update again on monday or tuesday, so have a nice weekend!

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